Nov 032012

So this Jiefu Zhang guy said he sent the phone back on Monday… Friday goes by and still no phone.  Guy keeps pestering me about it and asking if it’s arrived.  Now, if I’m reimbursing him the shipping costs, why the hell didn’t he get a tracking number?  I just gave up and refunded him cuz I got tired of his whining.  Only time will tell if I’ll ever see the phone again.  Folks, this is why you don’t sell to people with no eBay feedback!  Hope he enjoys the phone he scammed… asshole


Dear techargus,

ok so i shipped it to you today. Inside includes: blackberry, charger wire, wall charger, shipping envelope (you sent me), and receipt for the shipping. Total cost for shipping is $10.55. Therefore total refund is 122.50 (cost of phone + shipping) + 10.55 (return shipping) = 133.05

– smurfaccount
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