Dec 042013

This time courtesy of Joseph Foo out of Brampton Ontario.

This jerk buys a phone off me on eBay, a phone that I listed as “For Parts or Not Working”.  Fine and dandy, no problem.  Figure the transaction would go on like the several other transactions I’ve had on eBay selling used phones.  The previous buyers knew what they were buying and understood what “For Parts or Not Working” meant.

I’ll take a little a bit of time here to explain why I list my phones for parts only on eBay.  It all goes back to the Jiefu Zhang incident of last year.  I used to refurbish the phones I get before selling it but this guy ruined it for everyone.  Claimed the phone wasn’t working properly and demanded a refund.  I gave him a refund but never got the phone back.  Asshole got a free phone.

After that, I started selling my phones for parts only so buyers don’t expect to get a functioning phone.  I was also tired of refurbishing them as well, it doesn’t add anymore to the profit.  I could sell a phone for parts and get $50 or refurbish the phone and it’ll sell for $100 but $50 went to housing and accessories.  Profit is the same.

So back to this Joseph Foo character, he buys one of my phones that was sold for parts only.  Receives it a few days later and claims it won’t turn on… claims he took it to a cell phone shop and says the charging port is hooped.  Then proceeds to ask me for money to fix it.  Ummmm….  Hello Joseph….  you do know you purchased a parts phone right?  You’re supposed to salvage parts from it to fix another phone.  I don’t understand why you think you bought a working phone when it was clearly listed in the for parts category AND mentioned several times in the auction.

Long story short, I asked him to file a dispute with eBay.  He did, I gave my peace, didn’t hear back from Paypal for a few days and just refunded him some money to get it fixed.  I got tired of waiting for a response from Paypal.  Instead, I’ve decided to put up this blog post and I’ll be leaving it up until one of three things happens.  Joseph gives me my money back, Paypal gives my money back or I make it back from these ads.  In the meantime, if you’re an eBay seller and are reading this… put Joseph on your  blocked bidders list, his ID is anna113tv

Edit:  PP claim id – PP-002-795-228-949, Transaction #4H2853719U3161945,