Mar 132022

Back to our regularly scheduled programming. This is year two to see if Maki will put some effort into her friendships or if she really just uses people. Obviously, with the pandemic, I didn’t expect her to go in 2021 when I can’t even get there. We’re finally able to travel again so I went on my annual trip to Waikiki, setting aside a few hours for Ruth’s. To be honest, I don’t even care if she shows up anymore but I said I would and I always follow through. Fun estimate… if she used me for an average of $5k a year… over 20 years, that’s $100k… like I said, it’s not about the money, it’s that she never does anything in return. She told me she would bake some cupcakes for my mom when she helped alter some of her shirts. Yah, my mom never got any cupcakes. She just takes…


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