Feb 082010
Pedo Olympics?

For those who frequent internet forums may be familiar with the Pedobear.  He was made popular on the 4chan forums where his image is used to call out potential pedophiles.  A Vancouver local has photoshopped his image in with the Olympic mascots and has made it’s rounds on the internet.  I guess the image was […]

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Feb 082010

Here’s a video made by a local Vancouverite to parody the commercials on CTV.  It highlights the forgotten problems in Vancouver.  Rumors are going around that local authorities are going around arresting the homeless and putting them in jail for the duration of the games.  278 total views,  1 views today

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Jan 212010
Conan wastes $1.5 Million

Last night, Conan unveiled a Bugatti Veyron made to look like a mouse.  As he explained it, he didn’t do it because it was funny, he did it because it was a waste of money for NBC.  The total bill = 1.5 million.  Of course this isn’t true, the car was loaned to the show. […]

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