Oct 122010

Not much today… it was mostly a travel day.  We made our way from Xi’an to Beijing.  Beijing International Airport boasts the second largest terminal in the world behind Dubai.  My dad has a friend in Beijing and he was kind enough to let us stay in his condo.  This friend of his is a big cheese, he builds gated communities just outside the city.  He brought us to one of these communities that he actually lives in and showed us around his home, the showroom, etc…  After that, we went to have dinner and back to the condo.

Oct 102010

Day 3, I was finally getting used to the humid air.  I thought that the gray haze over the air was pollution but then I realized that I live in Vancouver, been to LA and New York…  I know what pollution looks like.  It’s brown, not gray.  I work across the Burrard inlet and on a clear morning, I can see the nice brown cloud hanging over downtown Vancouver.  So… if it’s not pollution and smog, then what is it?  I can only guess that it’s humidity…  if it was smog, there would be acid rain but I see no signs of acid rain erosion on 30 year old cars…

Anyways,  day 3… it rained… a lot… but that wasn’t going to stop us.  We went into that museum that we walked by in day 2. It was like a museum of anthropology, mostly old artifacts, human evolution in China, etc…  There was even a few of the terracotta warriors.  After a few hours in there, the rain stopped.  We went back to the pagoda and walked around the grounds.  The large water fountain was still going during the day as well.  We went into the pagoda to get a view of the city from the top.  Funny thing happened after we left the pagoda.  There are a lot of these “tour guides” that hang around the tourist spots that always come up to you and ask if you want a tour… anyways, one of these guys came up to me and was being very persistent.  I told him that I couldn’t speak speak chinese and I guess he didn’t understand what I said and took it the wrong way.  Fisticuffs nearly ensued.

After we ate, we went to walk around the city wall.  There’s a huge wall that goes all around the city… well, the original city of Xi’an.  It’s quite interesting, all the older buildings are inside the walls and the new ones are outside the walls.  It’s an interesting mixture of old and new.  Got some pictures of some interesting snacks and Mcdonald’s pies that we don’t have… Banana and taro root.  We grabbed dinner afterwards and went back to the hotel.  We have an early flight in the morning to Beijing.

Feb 082010

Polish Newspaper Uses Altered Olympic Mascotts ImageFor those who frequent internet forums may be familiar with the Pedobear.  He was made popular on the 4chan forums where his image is used to call out potential pedophiles.  A Vancouver local has photoshopped his image in with the Olympic mascots and has made it’s rounds on the internet.  I guess the image was so popular that if you do a Google image search for “Olympic Mascots” it would show up a number of times in the first few pages.

A Polish newspaper must’ve done an image search and grabbed the image without knowing about the Pedobear or thought this one was better because there’s 5 mascots.


Jan 132010

The Detroit Auto Show is one of the biggest auto shows of the year and manufacturers like to unveil upcoming models. Something to show where each manufacturer thinks the industry is headed. Ford has finally granted my wish of having the Euro Focus available in North America. Now I know that the recent recession has been tough on the automotive industry, especially the American 3. They’ve been building such junk over the years that people are considering foreign cars first before looking at American competition. Ford had the foresight to change their ways before the recession began so they were better off and was able to ride it out without a government bailout. GM and Chrysler did not unfortunately which brings me to the whole point of this blog entry. It’s important now to show the future with concept cars. Something that tells the public that they’re going to build cars that people want and that they’re going to build them well. Ford and GM have done a good job of this so far. Chysler, no…. They’re pushing their current lineup with new paint jobs. Seriously? I’ve predicted that when the smoke settles, one of the big 3 will not be around and guess who that’s going to be….

Source: Chrysler 2010: Dressing Up The Leftovers