Feb 132010

Here’s a few pics I snapped while out on the first day.  I arrived later than I thought due to a delay in Vancouver.  Got on my plane and had to wait for almost an hour because they thought they’d be nice and deliver a part for a plane in Honolulu so I had to wait for the thing to clear customs.  I checked in at roughly midnight.  Walked out and grabbed a mahi mahi tuna sandwich and went to bed.

The time zone change was strange, I thought I had slept in pretty late but it was only 10am.  This being the first day of eight, I figure I’d just take it easy and get a feel for the place.  I went out for a few hours, walked to the Ala Moana Center to have a lunch of ice cold ramen.  It was pretty hot out there, roughly 25 degrees so I thought it was refreshing.  Afterward, I took a stroll to Waikiki beach for a bit and grabbed a 6 pack on the way back.  I got back to the hotel at 4pm because I figured they would show the Olympic opening ceremony live but no, it wasn’t on til about now… 8pm…  oh well