Oct 182010

Day 7 – We took the super fast train from Beijing to Tianjin for some shopping.  In 2008, this train set the world record for conventional trains at 350km/h.  When I was riding it, the train topped out at 329km/h.  If this is just a conventional train on wheels, I can only imagine what the new Maglev line can do when it’s completed.  I think this was the first day where we didn’t go see any ancient sites, they were really all starting to look the same.  Some palace, temple, etc…  always built on top of a crazy number of stairs.

Once again, the weather was hot and humid.  Difficult to breath when the humidity is near 100% but at least it rained today.  That kinda made things better.

We had some mcdonalds, it tasted different but somehow better.  Maybe because China doesn’t have genetically modified cows, they’re kinda more natural.  After the shopping, we took the train back to Beijing and went to check out the site of the 2008 Summer Olympics.  The buildings looked amazing but sadly, they’re not really being utilized and they’re just rusting away.  After that, we went for some fancy hotpot with Kobe beef and walked back to the condo in the rain… wet wet rain…