Feb 142010

I decided to go to the Honolulu Zoo today and I got a big blister on my heel because I decided to walk there.  I made a stop at Waikiki beach and take some pics.  First thing I noticed about Kalakaua Ave on my way to the zoo was how much it was like Vegas without the casinos.  I see expensive big name shops everywhere.  I dunno if that’s for me, I went to Hawaii for some tropical relaxation but I found that everything is easily ignored with the warm weather, palm trees and clear water.  The Zoo was rather interesting because I haven’t been to one since I was a child when the Stanley Park Zoo was still around.  Kinda sad since the Greater Vancouver Zoo is a 45 min drive away.  I didn’t get to see the Lion or the Cheetah because they were hiding in the shade but there were plenty of other animals that I haven’t seen before like the ostrich and the giraffe.  I have to say that the cutest thing I saw there was the klipspringer, it’s basically a cuter smaller mountain goat….  and the meerkats

Now… what to do about this blister…