Dec 312009

Everyone…  it’s almost time to party like it’s 1999…  wait…  crap!  That was 10 years ago.  Jebus this decade went by in a blur.  It seemed like just yesterday that I managed to get a job at Revenue Canada straight out of high school.  It was the 90’s, technology was huge.  If you knew what a computer was, you had a job…  if you actually knew how to use it then you had a better job.  Everything was great until the 90’s came to an end.  Everyone danced to Prince’s 1999 and that was it.  The fun was over and we were at the beginning of a new millenium…  the decade of WTF.

Seriously, from 2000-2009, it seems like everything that could go wrong did go wrong.  Thinking of decades past usually brings up memories of great music and progress of mankind.  For example, the 80’s saw the fall of the Berlin wall while the 90’s saw the fall of the Soviet Union and the end to apartheid.

Then came George Bush, Recession #1, September 11 2001,  War in Afghanistan, War in Iraq, the handling of Hurricane Katrina, the Sumatra earthquake and Recession #2

Tonight I won’t just be toasting in the new year and the new decade, I’ll be toasting good riddance to the old one.  That’s it…  Happy New Year everyone, drink responsibly and for fuck’s sakes call a cab if you’ve been drinking